LIC „Saglasie” AD is a Life Insurance Company that offers wide range of products and services tailored to its customers’ individual needs and requirements. The company opens in 2007 under the name IC "KD Life" AD and since December 2010 becomes part of "Web Finance Holding" AD group. “Web Finance Holding” holds significant shares and investments in companies in the fields of supplementary pension insurance, supplementary health insurance, insurance, banking, investments, portfolio management, etc.


Our team’s main emphasis is to create and provide new products that will meet our present and future customers’ needs and expectations at most.


One of the main products that LIC “Saglasie” AD started providing on the Bulgarian market is “Fondpolica”. “Fondpolica” is an attractive combination between the traditional parameters of life insurance and the opportunity for higher and manageable profitability. The product is typical with its higher flexibility and possibility to be easily adapted to clients’ individual preferences and risk profile.


At present Company's product portfolio includes:

  • Endowment Life Insurance;
  • Unit-linked Life Insurance;
  • Child Insurance;
  • Risk Life Insurance;
  • Life Insurance for Borrowers;
  • Life Insurance – individual and package;
  • Additional Insurance "Accident" and Additional Insurance "Critical Illness" that can be added to the long-term life insurances.

The Company aims to keep up with business trends and offers variety of products for Employers that will provide at a reasonable price both motivation of the staff and coverage of risks associated with the daily business activity in the same time:

  • Group Life Insurance;
  • Group Life Insurance – “Saglasie Together”;
  • Group Risk Life Insurance;
  • Group Accident Insurance;
  • Compulsory Labour Accident Insurance.


It is important for LIC “Saglasie” AD to take care of and protects the health of the children. For this purpose, the Company distributes insurance products that are aimed at parents, kindergartens and schools:

  • Child Insurance;
  • Group Risk Life Insurance for students and children of kindergartens and nurseries;
  • Group Accident Insurance for students and children from kindergartens and nurseries;





  • LIC “Saglasie” AD celebrates its 15th anniversary on the occasion of which was launched two campaigns for current and future clients.



  • LIC “Saglasie” AD joined the online training program of BSMEPA and VUZF Innovative Business Development for SMCs.
  • LIC “Saglasie” took part in the EIOPA Annual Meeting.
  • Introducing online counseling and meeting with our representative.
  • The Company is expanding the product portfolio by offering its corporate clients the opportunity to conclude а group Life insurance - "Renta Zashtita".


  • The Company provides special products with COVID-19 coverage;
  • LIC “Saglasie” AD expands bancassurance sales chanel.



  •  LIC “Saglasie” AD continues to improve the conditions for concluding insurance policies by developing a new module in the information system for direct issuance of policies by insurance intermediaries.
  • A program for regular and structured training of insurance intermediaries has been launched, according to the changes in the legislation.



  • November - LIC “Saglasie” AD changed its headquarters and address in the Commercial Registry to 117 Todor Aleksandrov blvd., Sofia
  • In 2018, LIC “Saglasie” AD invested in the renovation of equipment, buildings and other tangible assets and in the development of software, databases and data analysis.



  • May - The number of the shareholders of the Company is increasing, as the majority owner of the capital of  LIC “Saglasie” AD remains Web Finance Holding AD.
  • January - The Company increased its capital by BGN 4.8 million, from BGN 7 million to BGN 11.8 million.



  • July- LIC “Saglasie” EAD acquires the portfolio of insurance contracts of “VZK Dobrudja - M – Life”.
  •  March- “Saglasie” Life Insurance Company EAD celebrates its 10th anniversary!
  •  February – LIC “Saglasie” EAD acquires the portfolio of individual and group life insurance contracts of “Generali Life Insurance” AD.
  •  February- LIC “Saglasie” EAD switches to a technologically newer version of the main specialized insurance software and invests in its development through the construction of new modules and functionalities.



  • June - LIC “Saglasie” EAD expands its branch network in Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo


  • June - LIC “Saglasie” EAD participates in a tender for the purchase of children's drawings, organized by RIEW - Vratsa, together with the Nature Conservation Center Natura at the National Park "Vratsa Balkan" and the Club "Friends of the Nature Park" Vratsa Balkan "on the occasion of June 5 - World Environment Day.
  • January - The company launched two campaigns - "My Childhood" and "Loyal Customer".



  • October - With Decision № 802 / 29.10.2013, the Financial Supervision Commission issued an additional license to LIC “Saglasie” EAD for Marriage and Child Insurance.
  • January - LIC “Saglasie” EAD concludes reinsurance contract with one of the biggest international insurers General Reinsurance AG (Gen Re), which provides additional guarantee for the customers of the company.



  •  December – the company issued the first individual life insurance of credit borrower
  • June – launching of the latest and innovative product Group Life Insurance – “Saglasie Together”' for employees, which provides opportunity to employers not only to ensure their employees, but also to get additional insentives by cost reduction
  • February – LIC “Saglasie” EAD receives an additional license for Accident Insurance



  • June – LIC “Saglasie” EAD analyzes the entire portfolio of KD Life and in order to better protect people must develop new risks and products, initially used in the high-risk portfolio "Temporary disability due to accident "
  • March 11th – the company registers its new name – Life insurance Company “Saglasie” EAD 


  • December 29th – “Web Finance Holding” AD acquires 100% from the capital of “KD Life”
  • December – Life insurance related to an investment fund - "Fondpolica" occupies 89% of the company's portfolio.



  • December – KD Life has a premium income of BGN 2.3 million or 1% market share in the life insurance market.
  • April – the company holds 1% market share of Bulgarian insurance market and ranks second among all life insurance companies offering Unit-linked Life Insurance



  • March 05th – KD Life becomes a member of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers
  • February 27th – Fondpolica with an investment package wins “Best Financial Product of 2007” Award in “Life insurance and Social Security” category of the international financial exhibition “Banks, investment, money”



  • December  – The company ranks 4th among the 17 life insurance companies in terms of premium income of life insurance related to an investment fund – “Fondpolica”.
  • May 02nd – KD Life issued its first “Fondpolica” Life Insurance
  •  April-May – the company opens offices in the country
  • March – with a decision of the Sofia City Court of March 8, 2007, the company KD Life was established.



  •  December 20th – KD Life AD Bulgaria receives license to perform insurance activity