Notification about transfer of insurance portfolio


Dear Clients,

In accordance with the requirements of art. 221, para 1 from the Insurance Code LIC Saglasie AD notifies all the parties concerned about the transfer of the insurance portfolio of individual and group insurance contracts from Generali Life Insurance AD to LIC Saglasie AD. The insurance portfolio does not include contracts for combined health insurance with risk cover and savings component. The transfer is performed under Contract for transfer of insurance portfolio, signed by from Generali Life Insurance AD and LIC Saglasie AD on 03.12.2015 and permission No122-ЖЗ/ 29.02.2016 of the FSC.


As from 29.02.2016 all rights, duties and obligations arising from the insurance contracts, concluded by Generali Life Insurance AD and falling within the scope of the above-mentioned contract, are transferred to LIC Saglasie AD.


LIC Saglasie AD takes overall service of Generali Life Insurance transferred insurance contracts starting from 01.03.2016.


Dear Customers,

All conditions of Your insurance contracts will remain unchanged and will be maintained with the respective care, responsibility and willingness for long term partnership


For any information related to your insurance policy You may contact our local representatives or reach us by tel. +359 2 933 79 11 or via e-mail