At present product of LIC “Saglasie” AD portfolio includes

What to do to obtain the security You need in the busy, dynamic and unpredictable life?

Life insurance is the most effective way to take care of Yourself not only now, but also in future. It is a flexible and affordable way to ensure financial support in case Your health and Your work capacity are jeopardized.

Concluding Life insurance today, could help You to provide better and more secure future for Your children tomorrow!

Life insurance is product that provides financial support to the most important moments of Your life. This insurance enables You to:

  • transfer potential financial risks associated with Your health from Your family and relatives to the Insurance Company;
  • plan not only Yours, but also your children’s financial security and future;
  •  save money for future goals;
  •  use tax preferences according to Bulgarian legislation;
  • raise Your standard of living during retirement.


Why Life insurance?                                    

  • By concluding this Life Insurance You take care of the most valuable asset – Your life!
  • Life insurance is an exceptionally good alternative to other saving products, as it provides insurance protection as well;
  •  Every Policyholder (person or legal entity) of Life Insurance can get tax relief on premiums paid;
  • Life insurance provides higher long-term returns compared to the bank deposits;
  • You can protect sum insured against inflation by exercising the indexation option;
  • Any receivables under Life insurance are protected by the Bulgarian Law and exempt from execution;
  • You choose beneficiary in case of insurance event, regardless it is Your heir or different person;
  • Inherited receivables under life insurance are exempt from taxation, regardless of their amount;
  • Receivables (sum insured , payables, redemption value, etc.) of a single person under all Life Insurances with one insurer are guaranteed up to BGN 196,000 in total by the Security Fund in case of insurer's bankruptcy, according to the Insurance Code.


You can choose:

  • Covered risks;
  • Sum insured;
  • Insurance premium;
  • Insurance Term/period;
  • Beneficiaries;
  • The most convenient payment method.


At present product of LIC “Saglasie” AD portfolio includes:

  • Child Insurance;
  • Endowment Life Insurance - individual and group;
  • Risk Life Insurance - individual and group;
  • Life Insurance for Borrowers;
  •  Group Accident Insurance for students and children from kindergartens and nurseries.